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Ryan adams has made his comeback

Liss from Los Angeles, California
6th September 2023

Ryan's solo shows are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The Cardinals shows are like seeing your fave band jamming. Ryan and all the guys seemed so happy and having the time of their lives , a true site to witness. I would 100% go to either again and again. Im so thrilled Ryan is back to making music and touring . He was missed !

So Happy

Rick Graham from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3rd April 2023

I have seen Ryan Adams live twice,, once at the Acadamy of Music with the Cardinals in Philly and the other at the Parx Casino in Bensalem this past weekend. Thirteen years had passed and a lot of personal consumption of the music had since entered my mind. I was thoroughly amazed at the talent that was in front of me on stage and was proud for my close friends to hear and see this with me. He is so under rated and also obviously haunted by his internal demons. His honesty when addressing the audience made me think…aren’t we all haunted!. I would like to address what was earlier said about an unruly audience. I think part of the beauty and allure of Ryan Adams is that he thrives on humanity and more importantly the security of those that delve in it with him in a venue during the show. When his second song started with him thunderously banging on the piano with his ass theatrically mimicking the sound, it is inevitable that he would receive a few lightening strikes from the audience . He came out in to the audience in search of Tim and found the audience around him were all ears and love. Andrea!!! The venue…it’s intimacy and sound far out did the Acadamy. I am so curious as to his future and fortune. I hope he can hold on to it for his sister. Go Eagles!!!

re Ryan Adams Granada

Greg D from Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8th December 2022

Sorry, you must have left early. "Come pick me up" was his last song, and it was awesome. Great acoustic concert and the sound was better than his recordings. The only "issue" was a poorly tuned piano, which he turned into a hilarious impromptu song(s) throughout the night.

LA show

M O from Los Angeles, California
25th July 2022

Awesome show!!!! He was amazing!

Ryan Adams Granada

Chris from Santa Barbara, California
2nd June 2017

Amazing performance. He is such a talented singer songwriter and guitar player. The show was plagued by bad sound though. And he did not play "come pick me up" for his encore. Perhaps due to an unruly crowd.

Ryan Adams needs to suck it up

Shan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
31st July 2023

We saw Ryan Adams on his solo tour last October in Milwaukee and again last night with the Cardinals. Both nights he stopped the show to bitch at a person in the audience. Last night it got really ugly as he completely bullied this person. He made his point, but then wouldn't let it go. It went on far too long. He lost most of the audience after this. Then he had to start the same song over 3 times. He complained that his guitars weren't in tune and the cord broke. Boo Hoo. The "Jam Sessions" weren't really "Jams" as they added nothing to the songs. He finished the set list and everybody pretty much just left. Nobody was really looking for an encore. Our group left disappointed and confused. It's too bad, because I really like his stuff. Not sure if I will shell out the money in the future.